Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery


Lucy & Leo’s, a locally owned made-from-scratch-daily cupcakery.


Collateral Design, Consulting, Photography, Web Design and Development

Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery was growing fast — too fast. The country was obsessed with all things cupcakes. Following their national exposure on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” shop owners, Jean and Paula, were approaching burnout trying to keep up with product demand while managing their brand.

They turned to Taproot to help present the organization in a way that exhibited the energy and exuberance of their brand. After all, cupcakes are intrinsically fun.

How we delivered

Taproot’s first task was refining the Lucy & Leo’s logomark. We maintained the essence of the original design while cleaning up some of the details and encasing the symbol for easier placement in product design and collateral materials.

Since the shop interfaced with many outside vendors, we developed a comprehensive corporate style guide to ensure brand consistency across all mediums.

Information gathered during our research and discovery process showed that the Lucy & Leo’s website, while meeting the most basic informational needs, was not evoking the emotional response the owners wanted, and, more importantly, did not reflect the personality and brand of the business.

Taproot recommended a complete rebuild and redesign of the website, aimed at emulating the in-person experience customers receive when they visit the physical cupcakery stores.

We also implemented an online ordering system to reduce the number of phone-in orders, which were time-intensive and diverted staff attention from in-store customers.

This key feature allowed users to browse available flavors and place orders for pickup. It also helped promote the cupcakery’s catering offerings and special event planning, opening broader revenue opportunities for the shop.

Taproot shot custom photography of all things cupcakes, from individual baked items to in-store experiences. These varied images were then used throughout the site to showcase the products and to incentivize visitors to place an order. The goal with all of the photography was to induce craving with the high-quality imagery of the mouth-watering treats.

The results

The updated Lucy & Leo’s logomark better reflects the shop’s culture and overall brand, appealing to the cult-like following of the business, which has continued to experience steady, organic growth.

The redesigned website — with it’s whimsical design, bright colors and rich photography — helped the cupcakery to maintain its energy and optimism online, exposing the brand to new customers and providing easy opportunities to feed everyone’s cupcake addiction.

Activity and engagement on the website grew exponentially, and the site earned praise and accolades well beyond the geographical boundaries of Tallahassee.

“We came to Taproot with a vision for our brand and website. They knocked it out of the park and took that vision to award winning status.”

Paula Lucas, Owner

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