Lucky Goat Coffee Company


Lucky Goat Coffee, a premier roastery specializing in single origin coffees, Cold Brew and other caffeinated indulgences.


Branding, Copywriting, Photography, Web Design and Development

Taproot runs on caffeine. It is our fuel, it is our friend, it is our inspiration. Having already been fans of the finest roastery in town (or anywhere, for that matter), working with Lucky Goat Coffee was a dream come true.

We began our partnership by further bolstering the company on the local scene while readying the brand for a bigger reach into the national marketplace, all without sacrificing their relatable hometown personality.

Initial Discovery

When Taproot and Lucky Goat first began working together, the coffee company had a logo that was recognizable and visually appealing. It was, however, flawed, having been developed using a readily available font that was easily confused with hundreds of other brands that happen to use the same typeface, many of which are also based in the food and beverage industry.

Using the existing design as a point of reference, we constructed a custom, hand-lettered logotype that pays homage to the company’s origins while being wholly unique unto itself. The slight hint of similarity between the original design and the new logo also enabled Lucky Goat to seamlessly transition from its past into its current incarnation without confusing or unsettling die-hard customers.

A Cold Brew Better Than Any Other

Just about everybody does cold brew these days, but Lucky Goat Coffee was at the forefront of the trend. More importantly, Lucky Goat has always, and continues to, make it better than anyone.

The fine-tasting beverage deserved a finely tailored logo that matches the quality and the tone of the parent mark. We hand-crafted the letterforms to feel right at home with the primary logo, creating a cohesive brand family.

Maintaining Brand Integrity

Using the two new logos as guideposts, we developed Lucky Goat’s corporate style guide to ensure proper application of the designs across every conceivable medium.

Additionally, we selected a warm, organic color palette that reflects the various stages of the coffee growing and roasting process to reinforce the inviting nature of Lucky Goat’s cafes.

Leaving no stone unturned, we also conducted numerous photo shoots to capture the wonderful employees, customers, locations and, of course, the products themselves to lay the groundwork for the e-commerce website.

The Virtual Coffee House

We built the website as a virtual counterpart to Lucky Goat’s physical stores, free of pretension, but heavy on approachability and fine quality. The design reinforces this ideal, as does the marriage of custom photography with authentic, enrichingly conversational content that is informative without being ostentatious.

The website includes a customized product filtering tool, robust wholesale options and seamless e-commerce integration. The homepage also acts as a showcase for both new and seasonal products.

The Results

Within a month after launch, the Lucky Goat website had a 42% increase in online sales (when compared to the same month the previous year), and had dramatically reduced in-bound calls for wholesale orders by processing online requests.

The company continues to flourish with a unique footprint in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Using brand materials that reinforce the exceptional quality of the little home-grown coffee shop that could, Lucky Goat Coffee is just beginning its journey.

“The work that Taproot does is simply exceptional. They truly helped turn a local coffee roaster into a nationwide brand competitor.”

Lindsey Sheets, Brand Manager

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