Perfect Plants


Perfect Plants, a family owned and operated online mail-order plant nursery.


Branding, Consulting, Photography, Research, Web Design and Development

Building on the success of a multi-generational family nursery, a local entrepreneur made a decision to expand his reach into the digital space to sell high-quality plants and trees to customers throughout the country.

When sales failed to meet initial expectations, Perfect Plants turned to Taproot in search of strategic counsel to help their fledging brand flourish online.

How we delivered

In order to instill trust with online consumers, Taproot revised the Perfect Plants corporate logo. In a setting devoid of human-to-human contact, a professional logo was needed to serve as the first step in helping establish the company as an e-commerce store and as experts in their industry, offering quality products and first-class customer service.

The result was a clean, timeless logo design that provided the perfect foundation to the Perfect Plants brand. A matching icon family used to designate the various product offerings from the business was coupled with the parent mark.

The audit of the existing e-commerce site revealed usability issues and underlying technical problems that were adversely impacting user experience on the website. If left uncorrected, these issues would impede the success of any other marketing efforts and online advertising. We also found that the use of stock photos and low-quality custom photography compromised the perception of the products that Perfect Plants was selling.

Taproot completely overhauled the website and shopping cart system from the ground-up. The new site better showcases the plants, creating an emotional response that moves visitors to action. We accomplished this by shooting entirely new imagery that captured the bright, vivid colors and detailed close-ups of the foliage.

The navigation and flow of the page structure was also improved to guide the visitor through the content and products, and, ultimately, to the store checkout.

The Results

Leading up to the launch of the new site, we used social media to pique interest and to communicate the upcoming changes to the brand. When the new site was unveiled, we maximized our reach online by augmenting traditional marketing efforts with strategic online advertising to drive customers to the site, leveraging specific plants that were popular and in-season.

As a result of the branding and website overhaul, Perfect Plants has matured into a successful online entity. The website has received many awards and accolades, and is now positioned among the top companies within their industry.

“Taproot brought forth an intelligence that was both creative and unique with a responsiveness that made us feel like part of the family. We would use them again without hesitation.”

Alex Kantor, Owner

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