UX Engineer

Justyn Thomas

Started: 2022 Hometown: Patterson, Ga

Justyn Thomas

Since the MySpace custom profile days, I have been coding and will forever remain a student to the craft.

Fitted with a degree in graphic design from Florida State University, Justyn Thomas has an unwavering passion for website design and front-end development. Justyn brings a combination of technical expertise and artistic flair to each of his projects by blending his understanding of user experience with his drive to create visually engaging websites. His ability to seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics ensures that his websites are equal parts informative and enjoyable to navigate.

Justyn possesses a keen eye for storytelling and a shrewd ability to capture notable moments in camera. His background in photojournalism, paired with his ongoing photographic experiences, have helped inform his approach to his websites, allowing him to infuse his work with authenticity and narrative flow. Justyn’s ability to construct visually compelling designs that evoke an emotional response adds depth and impact to his projects, making for a truly immersive user experience.

While well versed in design, Justyn dedicates much of his time at Taproot to front-end development. He adeptly converts custom interfaces into fully functional sites by composing smartly structured builds that perform just as intended no matter the platform.

Justyn’s green thumb extends his creativity and ingenuity well beyond the virtual realm. He finds quiet solace and inspiration when nurturing plant life and creating harmonious outdoor spaces. His learned appreciation of balance, color, and beauty in gardening translates seamlessly into his design and development work.

The Dirt

  • What song makes you irrationally angry? Justin
  • What is your worst sporting experience? Broken Finger (it’s still bent)
  • Which career did you almost choose to go into? Carpentry (I love working with my hands)
  • What is the best TV show ever made? Fresh Prince of Bel Air/ Prison Break
  • Which celebrity should narrate your autobiography? Mix between Morgan Freeman & Samuel L. Jackson
  • What should your pen name be if you become an author? Silent Clout
  • What is the best thing you ever tasted? Well grown mango’s
  • What is something you have sworn off? Mosquitos
  • Which of your hobbies is the most unusual/uncommon? Collecting Magazines (helps with photography)

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