From insight to action

Through the mingling of art and science, we provide informed counsel to inspire meaningful change.

What we do:
  • Research

    Research is woven through everything we create.

    We don't conduct research and then hand it over in a big pile of raw, confusing data. We dig deep through inquiry, analysis and reasoning to help you understand what matters most to the people that matter most to you.

  • Strategy

    What do you want people to do?

    You tell us what you want people to do, and we tell you how to get them to do it. We translate knowledge into meaningful action.

  • Branding

    Your brand is more than a logo.

    Your brand is the sum total of everything that comes to mind when people think about your product or organization. It’s the result of the story you tell over time through words, pictures and actions. We help you tell that story the way it ought to be told.

  • Digital

    Make a good first, and forever, impression.

    Websites, social media, online advertising and emerging technologies aren't just another item on a checklist. We understand the digital space through and through, and we can help you effectively navigate the ever-evolving medium.

Decidedly Different.

Taproot isn’t just an ad agency, public relations firm or web studio. We do all of those things, but we’re more than that. We specialize in behavior change. By understanding how and why people do what they do, we can inspire them to think differently, inciting meaningful action.

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