Lucas Williams

Senior Director of Web Engineering

Indianapolis, IN

Meet Lucas

Lucas is the person on our team who figures out how to do all the stuff that he initially claims can’t be done. He keeps us out in front when it comes to our digital prowess by looking for ways to be better, faster and more efficient.

Lucas operates with the philosophy that interactive design should be as functional as it is beautiful. This belief guides him in his role as the guardian and final arbiter of all development and code standards within the agency. He does everything from HTML5 markup, cross-browser compatibility and ADA accessibility testing to server configuration, load balancing, security testing and optimization. In other words, he makes our websites do the things they’re supposed to do.

His appreciation for aesthetics and user experience is demonstrated in all aspects of his work, stemming from his background and formal training in design. Prior to joining Taproot, Lucas lived in Indianapolis where he served as a designer for the Licensing Division of Reebok/adidas.

Lucas serves as the official office curmudgeon, but don’t let the gruff exterior fool you. He’s a softie with the heart of a teacher. He enjoys learning new skills and sharing his newly gained knowledge with clients and other team members.

He attended Vincennes University and IUPUI in Indianapolis where he studied Commercial Art & Design. When he’s not banging away on a keyboard at the office, Lucas is usually… well, banging away on a keyboard at home or spending time with and taking photos of his wife and two kids.

Lucas’s Dirt