Chris Crouch

Senior Graphic Designer

Niles, MI

Meet Chris

Chris keeps a little note in his wallet—one that he wrote to himself a long while ago during a rough time—that says, “Hard work will overpower hard luck”. He thinks there’s a solid chance that he wasn’t the first to think of it, but it’s become somewhat of a motto for him just the same.

Chris is a passionate creative who enjoys a good challenge. He’s a well-rounded graphic designer, illustrator and photographer with an adaptable style that ranges from clean and refined to raw and expressive.

He first began crafting his skills and developing his foundational knowledge while attending Florida A&M University. Since graduating, he’s continued learning what makes for good design by knowing the rules and how best, in turns, to both follow and break them to generate thought-provoking work. His drive to find smart solutions is driven by a rebel-at-heart spirit that has served his clients well. Leading up to his time at Taproot, he’s worked on campaigns for Tallahassee Bike Best, Tallahassee Soccer Club, HCA Healthcare, Sonny’s BBQ, Florida KidCare, The Florida Bar and Deep Brewing Company. His designs have been featured in numerous publications, including Logo Lounge, Tallahassee Magazine and 850 Magazine, and he’s received awards from the American Advertising Federation, the Florida Print Awards and the Davey Awards.

Chris has served on the board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Tallahassee, FL chapter. He is also a founding member of the Tallahassee-based creative group called the TLH Creative Collective.

Outside of the creative field, he and his wife Sarah are zealous animal lovers. They actively foster through the Tallahassee Animal Shelter to help find forever homes, having maxed out, at one point, with a momma dog and her litter of nine puppies. Chris and Sarah’s current fur family consists of three dogs, two cats and three horses.

When he’s not sitting behind a computer pushing pixels and shifting shapes, he can be found cruising the canopy roads on his motorcycle, skateboarding, hiking, kayaking, jamming on a guitar or scouring record stores and comic shops. He also happens to be the most passionate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan you’ll likely ever meet.

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