Graphic Designer

Sara Davis

Started: 2019 Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Sara Davis

Sara originally started at Taproot as a college intern a number of years ago, and after a somewhat brief seven-year stint working in state government as well as the corporate world, she made her way back home to where it all started.

Armed with a fiery quick wit that is both sharp and compassionate all at once, Sara’s go-getter attitude fuels her ability to continually grow her skills while finding new passions along the way. Her amiable spirit allows her to effortlessly move from one project to another throughout each day with few complaints and fewer excuses. Her ability to adapt her style to meet the needs of clients while providing educated insight makes her a great fit for the ever changing and always evolving way of agency life.

While away from her desk she is most likely working in her garden, completing a crossword puzzle or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. She sneaks in reading and writing when a quiet moment becomes available between her fulfilling and ambitious family life with her wonderful husband, her three children and, as if that weren’t already a busy house, her dogs BeaBop, Belle, SmellieBellie, Babushka Belle, Cujo and Bea, which are, in actuality, all trapped inside of a single animal. If you don’t understand how that’s possible, ask Sara, because she doesn’t either.

Sara graduated magna cum laud from Florida State University’s College of Visual Arts in 2011.

The Dirt

  • Comfort food: French fries
  • Go-to de-stressor A nap
  • Biggest pet-peeve Bad customer service
  • Highly motivated by Oh, gosh... office snacks, and the approval of others
  • Happiest when Everyone is getting along
  • Favorite sound Quiet and rain
  • Impressive, but rather useless, talent Tossing food in the air and catching it in my mouth

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