Senior Project Manager

Sara Fay

Started: 2018 Hometown: Clemson, SC

Sara Fay

Marrying the artistry of an accomplished violinist with the particularity of an information scientist, Sara is the just-right combination of can-do-just-about-anything superstar.

Sara took the all-too-typical, well-trodden path to becoming a project manager at Taproot by spending the first 12 years of her career at a music library, where she oversaw people, projects and budgets in one of the largest music collections in the southeast.

It turns out that her knack for establishing order – along with her experience leading diverse teams through multi-faceted, deadline-driven undertakings – harmonizes beautifully with the demands of agency life.

Sara now spends her days immersed in the missions of our clients, passionately and methodically steering them through the creative process. Her uncanny ability to equally engage both hemispheres of her brain proves instrumental in the development of strategic initiatives.

Sara graduated from Furman University in South Carolina before continuing her education at Florida State University, where she earned two master’s degrees – one in Musicology and the other in Library and Information Science. She also obtained a specialist’s degree in Leadership & Management.

During her previous role as a music librarian, Sara also served as an assistant college professor, career mentor and music teacher, and frequently presented at professional conferences throughout the country. Additionally, she has invested countless hours giving back to the music industry and to the community, holding multiple volunteer positions on committees, as an officer and on the board of various regional and national organizations.

When she’s not conjuring up creative ideas, conducting conference calls or counseling clients, Sara enjoys teaching music lessons at her private studio and playing the violin in a local orchestra. She and her husband, Matt, are active in their church and relish in time spent with family and friends.

The Dirt

  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Bad customer service
  • Favorite sound: Quiet
  • If I could be any time, I would be: Bedtime
  • Phobia: Bridges
  • To decompress I like to: Read
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee
  • Guilty Pleasure: Hallmark Christmas movies

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