Operations Manager

Niki Kilgore

Started: 2014 Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Niki Kilgore

A proud native of Tallahassee, Niki brings more than 20 years of administrative experience to the Taproot team. As our administrative manager (and house mom by default), she dots our i’s, crosses our t’s and makes sure we mind our p’s and q’s.

Prior to joining the Taproot team, Niki worked with city government, churches, and a software development company. She brings an element of fun and excitement to everything she does. She’s usually the first one to crack a joke in the morning when everyone else is still getting their morning coffee fix.

While we may love Niki for her regular donut and coffee runs, her true expertise is navigating all of the unique personalities in the office to ensure a positive working environment. One of Niki’s greatest pleasures in the office is coordinating regular staff retreats like our Annual Kitchen Cookoff and family picnic. And, truth be told, we’re not sure if the office would keep running without her.

After graduating from Tallahassee Community College, she married her high school sweetheart, Scott, and they began volunteering as pastors in their church, mentoring young people. Some time later, they left behind the comforts of home and moved to Washington, D.C. with their two young sons to serve as missionaries on Capitol Hill.

In her spare time, Niki enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, their two sons, and their mischievous dachshund, Gunner. She is a hobby baker (ask her about her family’s treasured pound cake), and is always cooking up a new recipe a la Pinterest.

The Dirt

  • Known in the office for: Using the fart machine
  • Weird Talent: River Dancing
  • Most Pointless Personal Accomplishment: Typing Award in HS - Most correct word per minute
  • Celebrity I'd most like to fight: Nacho Libre
  • My theme song: Happy - Pharrell Williams
  • Most Used Word or Phrase: Thank you for calling The Taproot Agency
  • Connoisseur of: Cleaning products
  • Favorite Smell: Fresh Babies

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