Creative Strategist

Morgan Berman

Started: 2017 Hometown: Davie, FL

Morgan Berman

At Taproot, we know we can depend on Morgan for, at the very least, three things each and every day: She will have her winged eyeliner on point, she’s able to deliver a quote from The Office that will be suitable for any occasion, and she can be counted on for one brilliant idea after the next to help fuel our campaigns.

Her experience working in social media and PR (along with the appreciation for fine coffee she developed as a barista) made her a perfect fit for Taproot. Morgan serves as a bridge between research and marketing. She lends her intuitive mind to projects concerning behavior change, she strategizes about brand identity and she implements innovative solutions. She also happens to keep us on our toes by being a smart-aleck when we need it most.

When she’s not at the office, Morgan enjoys exploring thrift shops, local art galleries and the vegetarian side of Pinterest. If she finds anything noteworthy, you’ll probably hear about it from her on Instagram.

Morgan graduated from FSU with a degree in Advertising.

The Dirt

  • Connoisseur of Office snacks
  • Catchphrase “Just Morgie Things”
  • Favorite tattoo Heart on forearm with blank name banner
  • Favorite condiment Hummus
  • Something I regret Growing up a Canes fan
  • Fictional character soul sisters Kelly Kapoor and Edna Mode

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