Behavior Change Strategist

Maggie Brandenburg

Started: 2013 Hometown: Carmel, IN

Maggie Brandenburg

Born and raised in Central Indiana amid the juxtaposition of cornfields and suburbs, Maggie brings her dedication, attention to detail and folksy idioms to the Taproot team as a behavior change strategist.

A member of Taproot since 2013, she works to make sense of the vast data we collect through our various behavior-change research initiatives, and ultimately helps our clients see the forest for the trees. She also tediously analyzes the statistics spat out by our various tracking systems, such as Radian6 and Google Analytics, to make practical, actionable recommendations to the clients we serve.

Thoughtful by nature, she believes in the power of sitting back and listening (a remarkably underrated skill in the communications field). This practice naturally fuels her creativity by taking her straight to the heart of matters and enables her to pick up new skills faster.

Previously, Maggie served in the communications office at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, where she was instrumental in the daily management of media inquiries and short- and long-term strategic planning.

When she’s not in the office, Maggie likes to hit the road on her killer black-and-white custom bike and voluntarily attend lectures on politics and activism (yes, really).

The Dirt

  • Self-Appointed Office Nickname: Captain Planet
  • Most-Used Facial Expression in the Office: Furrowed brow
  • Average Number of Cups of Coffee Consumed per Day: One and three-quarters
  • Prefers Working With: Headphones and Spotify
  • Dream Trip Destination: Russia
  • Favorite Type of Pan: Deadpan
  • Pick for Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever: Nannerpuss
  • Social Security Number: 867-53-0900

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