Content Strategist

Kiyo Rauchwerger

Started: 2015 Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Kiyo Rauchwerger

Kiyo’s fondness for the expressive arts can be traced back to childhood, when she relished reading books, writing her own stories and raining down glitter glue on construction paper.

Her whimsical creative beginnings would lead the former high school yearbook editor to a job with a regional full-service publishing company, where she penned articles offering insights on topics ranging from the dangers of invasive species to the history of the aromatic, nostalgia-inducing legal vice known as the pumpkin spice latte.

Not fooled by her reserved and soft-spoken front, we sensed Kiyo’s inner creative ninja and brought her to Taproot, where she now stealthily assails agency assignments with precision and panache. Whether it’s crafting a marketing plan, curating content or kerning a wordmark, she gets it done with with energy, efficiency and enthusiasm. In fact, the CEO himself once referred to this otherwise unassuming character as a “beast,” which now marks one of Kiyo’s proudest moments.

When she is not at the office hiding behind her laptop or sneaking cookies from the break room, you can find her mastering Pilates moves, experimenting in her kitchen, or on an adventure – whether to a nearby city or to a local coffee shop – with her husband, Elliot.

Kiyo graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Editing, Writing and Media and a minor in Linguistics.

The Dirt

  • Favorite at-home pastime: Blogilates (Pilates/HIIT workouts)
  • To decompress, I like to: Listen to Harry Potter audiobooks
  • Favorite punctuation mark: Visually, the semicolon. Stylistically, the dash
  • Favorite Smell: Coffee
  • Most pointless personal accomplishment: Becoming an expert on where to buy groceries in central London
  • Among my friends, I'm known for: Inventing healthy recipes
  • Grammatical pet peeve: Feeling torn between prescriptivism and descriptivism
  • Coveted superpower: The ability to learn a language through osmosis

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