Administrative Assistant

Kiara Rivera

Started: 2016 Hometown: Puerto Rico

Kiara Rivera

From ordering office supplies to answering the phones, from accounting to keeping track of everyone’s schedules, Kiara is always three steps ahead of the game.

After working in customer service for 11 years (with the last few spent in restaurant management), Kiara came to Taproot with virtually endless multitasking, event-planning and managing abilities. She knows what needs to be done and how to do it — for example, implementing fridge regulations to prevent a repeat of our Thanksgiving Leftovers Fiasco of 2009, which didn’t end until 2011 (don’t ask). In short, she keeps us organized and in line.

Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, and raised here in Tallahassee, Kiara never stops working: When she’s not at Taproot, she’s busy being Mommy to her firecracker of a daughter, and finding new recipes to make from scratch.

The Dirt

  • Favorite color Pink
  • Favorite season Spring
  • Biggest Pet Peeve Chewing with your mouth open
  • Nicknames Kiki, Freakin’ Rican
  • Favorite Flower Tulips
  • Favorite Coffee Lucky Goat cold brew (hazelnut)
  • Favorite Sound Waves crashing on the shore

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