Marketing & Communications Specialist

Grace Jacobsen

Started: 2017 Hometown: Born in Sicily, Italy; raised in Jacksonville, FL

Grace Jacobsen

Grace is the Taproot team member who, no matter how hard the rest of us try to make our silences awkward, will push through the lull and say exactly what needs to be said. She gets us laughing and, in turn, thinking. She keeps everyone on their game every step of the way.

Although quick to laugh, Grace isn’t just made up of chuckles, giggles and guffaws. Grace spends most of her time sketching out public relations game plans, crafting compelling news angles, formulating engaging narratives and making sure everyone has their facts straight right out of the gate. As Grace would say (or maybe it was Kierkegaard), “Face the facts of being what you are, for that is what changes what you are.”

Her professional adventures prior to joining Taproot include overseeing the public relations efforts for several high-profile clients in the hospitality and tourism industry and dabbling in social media content curation and trendspotting. Grace has garnered over 100 pages of print coverage for Omni Amelia Island Plantation and Aruba Tourism Authority. She’s known for her ability to hijack media attention surrounding various events, including bringing a taste of Aruba to the forefront during the ESPN ESPY’s and drawing in millions of ultra-targeted impressions.

When she’s not strategizing behind a computer screen, Grace likes to split her time between climbing to new heights (very literally) at rock gyms or sampling craft beers at local breweries, eating at Taco Bell (seriously, like, all the time), often while using her free hand to pet any dogs that may be within reach.

Grace is a graduate of Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information (the lovechild of communications and IT) and an alumna of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

The Dirt

  • Most Recent Acquired Skill Scuba Diving Certification
  • Go-to Halloween Costume Star Wars Storm Trooper
  • Favorite Smell Freshly cut grass
  • Weird Habit Rattling off news about the latest fast food trends
  • On the Bucket List Cage dive with Great White sharks
  • Most Used Word or Phrase Tie between “Awesome” and “Rock on”
  • Connoisseur of Mountain Dew (all flavors)

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