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Taproot Wins Florida’s Top PR Award

Taproot Creative’s work with the Tallahassee-based Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI) received the Florida Public Relations Association’s highest honor this week at the Annual Golden Image Awards Gala. Taproot was presented with the Dick Pope All Florida Grand Golden Image Award, which salutes the top public relations program in the state during a given year. Taproot also received a Golden Image Award and a Judges Award for the campaign.

It’s always an honor to be recognized for work that makes a meaningful and measurable impact on local communities. Sean Doughtie, president and CEO

In 2014, KCCI faced certain dissolution as it neared the end of a five-year, $560,000 grant – its primary source of funding. In response, the nonprofit partnered with Taproot to launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign to sustain KCCI for another three years. The initiative generated more than $200,000 in financial support in just four months, surpassing the original fundraising objective by nearly 50 percent and generating a significant return on investment for the organization.

Established in 1957, the Golden Image Awards competition is conducted annually by the Florida Public Relations Association to recognize outstanding public relations programs in Florida and to encourage and promote the development of public relations professionalism in the state. Winners demonstrate the best examples of innovation, planning and design.