News / Corinne Bowden

Talquin Celebrates New Website

75 years and 52,600 accounts later, Talquin Electric Cooperative continues to make good on its promise to listen to its members.

The company partnered with local integrated marketing communications firm Taproot Creative to overhaul its website after a 2014 survey of its membership showed that its previous site failed to meet its members’ needs.

“We are always looking for more effective ways to communicate with our membership.” Kim Gay, media communications manager

Talquin’s recent survey showed that members craved more information than their previous website offered. This new site is a testament to their dedication to serving their members to the best of their ability.

Taproot Creative, who recently celebrated its own milestone of 10 years of business, approached the redesign from the bottom up. The new site pulls from user feedback to ensure that information most important to Talquin’s members is featured prominently. The website utilizes responsive design, ensuring compatibility with portable devices and eliminating the need for a separate mobile site. Taproot implemented WordPress as the content management system (CMS), allowing Talquin Electric staff to easily and quickly update the site with crucial information for its membership.

“It is particularly rewarding when projects allow us to work with members of our local community,” said Sean Doughtie, president and CEO of Taproot. “Our job is to help our clients achieve their goals, and the new Talquin Electric website was designed to do exactly that.”

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